Tekamah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association

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Tekamah Fire and Rescue Association Scholarship Recipients

2015 Recipient(s)-Justin Hansen

             Breanna Deacon

2013 Recipient(s)-Brock Braniff 

2011 Recipient(s) -  Samantha Jones

                                                    Katie Loftis                   

2010 Recipient(s) - Shelby Anderson 

2009 Recipient(s) - Rebecca Kuhlmann 

2007 Recipient(s) - Adriana Allison

2006 Recipient(s) -  Starla Ann Schmidt

2005 Recipient(s) -  Maggie Jo Kuhlmann 

                                     Jesalynn Miller 

  In 2005, Tekamah Fire and Rescue Association chose to start giving back to our community in another way.  Toward the end of each school year, the Association accepts scholarship applications from those choosing to attend college or a vocational school and persue a career in the medical field or the fire service.  A $500.00 scholarship is awarded at the Tekamah-Herman graduation ceremony.  


Scholarship Application is NOW available for downloading.  Please click here to download. (This file might need some adjusting before printing.)